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Leading for Tomorrow's Challenges: Aligning CUrriculum, Schools, and 21st Century Skills

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Prepare Your Schools to Challenge the 21st Century Student

The old formula of math, reading, writing and science must be updated. Your districtwide curriculum needs to include project and information management, problem solving and advanced communication skills. Leadership Summit 2008 will make you more aware of how to lead for tomorrow’s challenges.

The Education Leadership Summit 2008 Experience

ASQ’s Leadership Summit provides a structured approach to learning from other education professionals. Leadership teams engage in an interactive process that brings out innovative approaches to the toughest challenges. The summit also provides opportunities for sharing best practices from school districts around the country. 

Leadership Summit 2008 is the model of a process that you can use to discover questions and answers that impact the future of your schools. Join educational leaders from around the country as they refocus their mission and values to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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“The Leadership Summit provides practical ideas coupled with an opportunity to work with our team.”

– Bob Hassler, 2007 Attendee


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